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More toothless Texas inmates to get dentures, not just pureed food

October 5, 2018

The Texas prison system is changing its denture policy — creating a dedicated denture clinic and hiring a prosthodontic specialist — in an effort to ensure that more inmates get teeth.

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Harris County jail launches suicide hotline for inmates

October 1, 2018

Still reeling from two recent inmate suicides, the Harris County jail on Monday launched a crisis hotline for prisoners, a novel approach to mental health that’s believed to be one of the first such efforts in the country.

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Texas Lawmakers Are Rethinking Criminal Justice In Light Of Swollen Prison Population

September 28, 2018

Republicans and Democrats alike are increasingly in favor of overhauling the criminal justice system. That’s partly because incarceration is expensive.

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Revenue from juvenile detention center shows growing trend for Victoria County

September 8, 2018

Victoria County is projected to almost double the revenue it brings in by housing youths from outside the county in its juvenile detention center, showing a shift in the economics behind the facility.

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A New Jail for Travis County?

September 7, 2018

Travis County moves forward with new women's building despite vote to delay and community outcry.

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New law protects Texans from being jailed for minor traffic tickets

September 7, 2018

New law designed to protect Texans from being jailed for minor traffic tickets has resulted in 300,000 fewer arrest warrants, announces Rep. Canales.

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Federal judge rules Houston destroyed evidence in jail lawsuit

September 5, 2018

Houston city officials intentionally destroyed evidence, wiping crucial data from the computer drives of top police commanders that is potentially relevant to a lawsuit about the detention of suspects beyond the 48-hour deadline for a magistrate hearing, a federal judge has ruled.

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Reformers Hopeful the 2019 Legislature will Expand Texas’ Medical Marijuana Law

August 31, 2018

Activists are mapping a path to end arrests for possession and broaden the state's medical marijuana program ahead of the next legislative session.

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Editorial: Is a felon fit for office? Austin voters deserve to decide

August 29, 2018

Two years ago, the Austin City Council decided that local employers should get to know job applicants first before deciding whether a criminal record puts them out of the running.

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Drill bit-planting claim sparks another investigation at Texas prison

August 29, 2018

An allegation that Texas corrections officers planted drill bits in an inmate's cell at a southeast Texas prison has sparked another investigation at the same Brazoria County lock-up where earlier this year four officers were indicted.

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Texas prison system slashes price of inmate phone calls by 77 percent

August 26, 2018

The Texas prison system on Friday voted to drastically slash the cost of inmate calls home by more than 75 percent with a new phone contract more favorable to inmates and their families.

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Texas criminal justice reforms offer lessons for Oklahoma

August 25, 2018

Lawmakers in Texas say their efforts to reduce prison sizes and costs offer lessons for Oklahoma, where corrections officials are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars to build new ones.

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Inmate who killed herself in Harris County jail had previously threatened suicide

August 21, 2018

The woman who killed herself last week in the Harris County jail while locked up on a theft charge with $1,500 bail had threatened suicide at least once in the days before her death, according to sources familiar with the case.

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Probation Failing Young Offenders

August 17, 2018

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, a research and advocacy organization on CJ reform, has just issued a report on the use of probation for youthful offenders in Texas.

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Harris County inmate hangs herself, marking jail's 2nd apparent suicide in a month

August 15, 2018

A Harris County inmate jailed on a theft charge died after hanging herself in a common area of the jail late Tuesday, marking the facility's second suicide in less than a month.

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After Release, Texas Criminal Offenders Face Reentry Realities

August 15, 2018

What happens to people after they're released from the Texas criminal justice system? Probation is typically the next step, but what does that process look like and how does it work?

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Treatment options for drug use severely lacking in Texas, experts say

August 7, 2018

The consensus was clear at the state Capitol among criminal justice and Child Protective Services professionals facing the nation’s opioid crisis: Texas needs more treatment options.

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Lawmakers get a lesson on the drug problem in Texas, by the numbers

August 7, 2018

Drug abuse is involved 70 percent of the time when Texas Child Protective Services removes children from their families. Half of the inmates in county jails across the state have demonstrated a need for drug treatment.

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Texas Gov. Abbott proposes tougher bail laws for defendants who represent a threat to police

August 7, 2018

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is backing an effort to keep defendants with violent pasts behind bars. On Tuesday, Abbott appeared in Waco to ask state lawmakers to pass a new law that, among other things, would require judges to set bail based partly on whether the accused person is a threat to law enforcement. 

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Health and Advocacy Organizations Urge the Texas Legislature to Implement Effective Strategies to Address Substance Use Disorder

August 7, 2018

A coalition of health and advocacy groups have jointly developed recommendations to address substance use disorder in Texas.

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