Report Series

Women's Justice

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition is excited to launch our report series on women in Texas’ criminal justice system. These reports highlight the growing number of women who are incarcerated, examines their circumstances, and provides recommendations to better support women and reverse the trend of incarceration.

Women's Justice

Data on the Surge of Women into the System

Findings from Survey of Incarcerated Women

Recommendations and Solutions

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition urges local and state officials to adopt the recommendations below, which will hold women accountable while helping them heal and allowing them to remain in their communities and with their families – critical steps to improving public safety and reducing costs associated with incarceration. These recommendations are important for women at risk of entering the justice system, women already on probation who want to live successfully in the community, and women on parole who seek to avoid re-incarceration.

  1. Invest in community-level supports that account for extensive trauma histories
  2. Utilize pretrial diversion to hold women accountable while preventing them from escalating deeper into the justice system
  3. Provide specialized treatment options for women on probation
  4. Reform the bail system to stop punishing poverty
  5. More effectively address the needs of women with drug offenses

Crime survivors and voters on both sides of the political aisle agree that being smart on crime means addressing the root causes of a person’s criminality, rather than simply warehousing them for lengthy periods of time and releasing them with virtually no supports.