TCJC Legislative Activity

2021 Legislative Strategy

Please click here for TCJC's 2021 "Divestment Portolio": Spend Your Values, Cut Your Losses: Smart and Safe Justice System Solutions That Put Communities First. This 7-pronged guide offers a roadmap to investing in safe, thriving Texas communities and divesting from the harmful, ineffective justice system.

2019 Progress

Please click here for TCJC's final progress from Texas’ most recent legislative session in 2019, including a recap e-newsletter, a list of bills signed into law, and our 2019 Bill Analysis Guide.

Activity Per Issue & Legislative Session

Click the links below for TCJC's legislative work during Texas’ 2015, 2017, and 2019 legislative sessions:


While our Library contains all publications produced by TCJC, you can click below for specific items: