The Second Look Book: A Collection of Stories From People Who Were Sentenced as Kids to Adult Prisons in Texas

Imagine being in high school and suddenly finding yourself sentenced to an adult prison for the next 40 years. While your friends and classmates go on to college or to a job, while they are having families and buying a home, you are sitting in a prison cell for a mistake you made as a kid.

In Texas, kids under the age of 18 who commit certain crimes are routinely sentenced to a life term in an adult prison, with no opportunity for parole for 40 years.

Texas should consider joining with other states that have provided a “second look” at the sentences of individuals who were convicted for crimes committed prior to their 18th birthday.

This book contains letters from the very people who would be impacted under such a policy change. Read their stories and decide for yourself — do they deserve a second look?


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