Our Progress in 2021

As Texas leaders projected a significant budget shortfall ahead of the state's 2021 legislative session, the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition created a guide for legislators to invest in communities instead of pouring more taxpayer dollars into the harmful, bloated, ineffective justice system. Through months of rigorous research, the TCJC policy team crafted seven “Smart and Safe Solutions” that would safely shrink the justice system while saving the state money. The "Spend Your Values, Cut Your Losses" portfolio represented a top-down realignment in how taxpayer money is spent.

After the 87th legislative session ended in May, we shared the gains and frustrations of a divisive session in an e-newsletter, while also continuously updating a blog post that tracked the positive justice-related bills that were still moving or had become law.

Later this year, we’ll release a guide that analyzes Texas’ new youth and adult justice laws.

We're proud of the hard-fought wins that will make a real difference for impacted Texans. But we know that much more must be done to fulfill the community’s priorities: wellbeing for Texas families, accountable leadership, racial equity, and opportunities for redemption. As we ramp up to Texas’ 2023 session, TCJC will push for reforms at the local level, and we will continue our work to lift the voices of people demanding change.

In the meantime, this page is your one-stop shop for justice-related legislation from Texas’ 2021 regular session.

In our 2021 Spend Your Values agenda, TCJC proposed 7 solutions to safely shrink the justice system while saving the state money.

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On the last day of Texas’ 2021 legislative session, TCJC Executive Director Leah Pinney shared updates in an e-newsletter.

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During the Governor’s veto period, TCJC tracked over 40 youth and adult justice bills in a blog post to keep you updated on new Texas laws.

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Later this year, TCJC is excited to share an in-depth analysis of the new laws going into effect.