Dallas County Reform Work

Dallas County is a massive driver of people into the adult prison system – second only to Harris County (Houston) – and home of the state’s second-largest county jail population. Furthermore, youth of color are disproportionately impacted by the school-to-prison pipeline in Dallas, especially those attending schools in South and West Dallas.

During 2017 and 2018, TCJC began working alongside advocates in Dallas, informally lending our policy expertise and continuing our efforts to bridge organizing and statewide policy change, specifically as it relates to safe reductions in justice system involvement and elimination of the associated racial disparities.

In 2019, TCJC formally expanded our office to the Dallas area, hiring Leon Theodore as our Dallas County Justice Project Advocate. Informed by his own lived experience in the justice system, Leon builds coalitions throughout the city and county and works to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.

Participating in Local Coalition Advocacy

When the Texas Organizing Project (TOP) expanded its Right2Justice work to Dallas to conduct education and advocacy around the 2018 primary elections, TCJC worked with TOP to finalize their full reform platform and seek support from District Attorney candidates. The platform included ending mass incarceration, protecting immigrants, reducing police violence and misconduct, eliminating the death penalty, and ending civil asset forfeiture.

We also helped write a questionnaire for DA candidates, and we worked with Fair Pun...read more

Supporting Bail Reform

In early 2018, TCJC supported attorneys’ efforts to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against Dallas County – similar to one filed in 2016 in Harris County (Houston) – alleging that the county’s bail system unfairly harms low-income people by failing to consider a defendant’s ability to post bond.

As of October 2020, this suit remains ongoing.

Building Transparency Through Our Dallas County Data Dashboard

TCJC launched our Dallas County data dashboard in spring 2019 at a presentation to Dallas Morning News staff. The dashboard, created with January Advisors and with support from Microsoft Cities Team, puts data on disparities in Dallas County’s justice system right at your fingertips to hold leaders accountable. It overlays data from 113,000 criminal court cases with demographic information to create a comprehensive view of case outcomes in Dallas, including the degree to which arrests are skewed in communitie...read more

Fighting for Better Outcomes for Kids: P.E.P. Initiative

Systemic racism, implicit bias, and deficit thinking have, over time, resulted in a population of undervalued students in Texas who are experiencing social-emotional issues, which the education system has attempted to address through a culture of policing and control. Specifically, schools have implemented a “zero tolerance” approach to any perceived misbehavior, which adversely impacts child development and students’ ability to succeed throughout their academic careers.

Schools in South and West Dallas contain the highest concentration of Black and Latinx studen...read more