Public Policy Center

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Through our Public Policy Center, TCJC seeks to assist state and local policy-makers and other stakeholders by providing nonpartisan legislative and budget-related information.  These materials include viable, data-driven recommendations and strategies that will save taxpayer dollars, and make Texas communities safer and stronger.

Legislative Policy Guides: These useful publications, released prior to Texas legislative sessions, include key findings and comprehensive, cost-efficient strategies that the State and counties can employ to improve public safety and strengthen communities.
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Analysis for Texas Legislative Sessions: If you are interested in learning more about key policies in criminal and juvenile justice that impact Texas communities, and TCJC’s response, you will find it here! Per session (linked below), we offer information and recommendations by TCJC on legislative interim charges (pre-session), agency Legislative Appropriations Requests (pre-session), budget hearings (during session), and filed bills, with our analysis (during session).
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Post-Session Wrap-Ups: This section offers TCJC presentations and newsletters that summarize criminal and juvenile justice policy advancements made during legislative sessions.
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TCJC Policy Implementation Guides: The real work begins when a bill is passed! This section offers “how to” guides and bill analyses developed by TCJC for practitioners, policy-makers, and system-impacted individuals interested in learning more about specific policies.
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Analysis for Sunset Commission Reviews: Texas agencies typically undergo a “top to bottom” review by the Sunset Advisory Commission every 12 years, providing stakeholders the opportunity to make recommendations for improvements. In this section, we offer Sunset Commission materials, criminal and juvenile justice agency publications, and TCJC analyses as they pertain to the review of criminal or juvenile justice agencies.
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