Mission & Values


The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC) identifies and advances real solutions to the problems facing Texas’ juvenile and criminal justice systems. We conduct policy research and analysis, form effective partnerships, and educate key stakeholders to promote effective management, accountability, and best practices that increase public safety, save taxpayer dollars, and preserve human and civil rights.

Our Vision and Values

TCJC credits the success of our organization to the purposeful integration of our shared values into all aspects of our work. We value equality, collaboration, perseverance, integrity, and respect. These values contribute to the formation of our overarching policy goals and shape our daily interactions with community members, advocates, practitioners, agency leaders, and policy-makers.

For greatest outcomes for all Texans, TCJC believes:

  • Justice should not have a price tag. An accountable and transparent criminal and juvenile justice system that works for everyone – regardless of background or income level – is the only way to create a fair justice system.
  • There is a much better approach to increasing public safety that uses taxpayer dollars efficiently and effectively. Public safety increases are possible by addressing the root causes of crime and lowering our dependence on incarceration.
  • Public health issues should not be treated as a criminal justice problem. Criminal behavior is often driven by drug abuse or mental health disorders, which are not effectively treated by simple confinement.
  • All Texans will be safer and stronger with fair, equal, and humane treatment for all youth and adults caught up in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.