The Critical Role of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards

Report: Texas Commission on Jail Standards: The State’s Solution for Implementing a Strong County Jail System, While Protecting Counties From Liability (Dec 2012)

Press Release: New Report Highlights Critical Impact of Counties' Jail Oversight Agency (Dec 5, 2012)

While Texas struggles in the midst of an ongoing budget shortfall, legislators must commit precious tax dollars to agencies and strategies that deliver a return on their investment.  The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (Commission) is one such agency, according to a new TCJC report.

By enforcing county compliance with jail standards, the Commission protects Texas counties from costly federal lawsuits; it also provides counties with much-needed and frequently requested technical assistance on the creation and operation of their jails and services.  These crucial responsibilities keep local jail staff and inmates in safe environments, and they help facilitate the safe reentry of men and women to our communities.

With continued support by the Legislature, including through full funding of the Commission’s biennial budget request, Commission staff will be able to strengthen their relationship with local Sheriffs and jail administrators.  Their collective efforts are ensuring that Texas’ county jail system is strong, efficient, cost-effective, and well managed, while relieving taxpayers of the financial burden associated with growing jail populations.