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  • Because the Texas justice system still treats 17-year-olds as adults, young people like me – who made a mistake – can end up spending time in adult jail.

    I believe in TCJC because they’re fighting to treat kids like kids.

    Please support TCJC during their 20th Anniversary year!”

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  • “I was diagnosed with cancer while incarcerated, and I didn't have access to appropriate facilities or medical care.

    TCJC is fighting for dignity for women like me.

    Please support TCJC during their 20th Anniversary year!”

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  • I cycled in and out of the justice system, struggling with drug use and other issues. Tens of thousands of people in Texas are doing the same thing RIGHT NOW.

    TCJC fights for people to get help in the community — not a jail cell.

    Please support TCJC during their 20th Anniversary year!”

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  • “TCJC brings hope and healing to directly impacted individuals through policy reform.

    They are champions for justice reform and are committed to promoting public safety through a spirit of community.

    Please support TCJC during their 20th Anniversary year!”

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  • Our Vision For Texas

    • Safe, thriving communities
    • An end to mass incarceration
    • Meaningful treatment and rehabilitative services
    • Racial equity and economic opportunity
    Our Progress in the 2019 Legislative Session


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Policy Work

Youth Justice

We want fewer kids entering youth or adult prisons, more kids kept closer to home, trauma-informed programming, and a path to redemption for those who can prove they merit a second chance.

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Adult Justice

We want lower prison and jail populations – with effective, community-based treatment and supervision, and fairness in sentencing – as well as safer prison conditions and more opportunities for a successful reentry.

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Women's Justice

We want to stem the tide of women’s incarceration, improve their conditions of confinement and expand their access to services, and help women safely and successfully return to their families and communities.

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County Reform Work

Dallas County

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Harris County

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Travis County

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Summer Bail Blog Series: An Introduction

Each courtroom in the United States houses an American flag. When judges bruise their benches with gavels, it happens under the watch of our stripes and stars. Like all the other neighbors in my sleepy... Read more >

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Spotlight: Youth Justice

Second Look

Our newest report is focused on addressing rehabilitated youth who are serving extreme sentences in adult prisons with little hope of ever being released. “Second Look: For Justice, Safety & Savings” provides a comprehensive background on the history of extreme juvenile sentencing and the extent to which Texas is a harsh outlier. "Minor Injustice," a recently released PBS documentary, shares stories of Second Lookers, as well as advocates' work to pass a Second Look bill in Texas.

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